About Us


  • 海外独立系ホテルの国内におけるマーケティング及び営業活動
  • パブリックリレーションズ/広報
  • 取扱いホテルの予約業務


  • Expand your customers
  • Reach the target
  • Have a master key for hotel challenges

Over years, we have opened and introduced hundreds of new market to our hotels partners to enjoy an ever-increasing number of customer visits. With our rich database and net works among travel agents worldwide, solid expertise in full range of hospitality service, and high commitment towards the client’s success, you can be assured a fruitful result, and robust business growth you ever expect to be deliverd.


Because F&T Marketing Consultant is a Japan-based strategic service company. we offer you seizing outbound travelling opportunites in Japan, one of the most growing travel markets with higheat rates of most frequent travellers in the world.

Our successful stories include one about Diamond Cliff Hotel in Thailand, for instance,which has already become the top-of-mind hotel among Japanese recalling 5-star hotel in Phuket. As result,the hotel can claim to have conqured Japan market within the province decades after decades.

Prepare and get ready for the flux of customer into your hotel with us.


“Our happiness is simply to see those pleasant travellers and your fantastic places” be met.



Sales Activities

  • Register the hotel brand to our network and establish connection
  • Have a sales and resrvation team in Japan
  • Co-ordinate and implement with property’s management and sales team visits around Japan requested by hotel
  • Join the necessary sales and promotion fairs around the world
  • Be a representative at travel industry association,membership in Japan

Marketing Activities

  • Develop an annual starategic marketing action plan to meet market needs by segment
  • Analyze market requirement and competitor movement to set the right market price
  • Develop existing sales brochure of all key account wholesalers
  • Reserch and update the market situation,trends
  • Liaise and orgnize familiarization trip to targeting media, orgnizer, MICE, corporate, end-user and wholesalers
  • Contact media maximizin though retail, trade, tourist office,airline, and other travel related companies
  • Planning and impelement selected and major trade show, fair to promote the property and new potential destination

Any Inquirie, please feel free to contact us.